Hartley Chef's Knife #2

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We are so pleased to present this collection of unique chef's knives which have been hand forged from high carbon steel by a local artisanal blacksmith Barry Hartley.  

Barry Hartley can be found designing and forging his knives and his rustic workshop nestled away in a charming little South African village called Bathurst.

No two knives are the same.  They are individually made and each are forged from different materials. 

This Chefs knife is forged from an old bearing.

The handle is skill-fully pieced together with a unique combination of beautiful woods featuring a layer of copper lining separating each wood. 

Knife Description: 

Blade length: 7.2 inch ( 18.5cm)

Blade Heel: 1.8 inch (3.2cm)

Total Length: 13 inch (32.5 cm) 

Blade Steel: High carbon steel - Forged from an old bearing