MK III - Multi blade leather working knives

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In celebration of 10 years since Terrick designed and made his first Classic Original style skiving knife, we are excited to announce the launch of our Multi blade leather working knives.  This is not just any skiver, this is a multi blade leather knife set.  This design allows you to change out your blade depending on the task you need.  This is the best of everything all in one.  

The MK III multi blade leather knife set comes with the original style skiving blade, as well as the Japanese style and angled skiving blades.  That is all 3 leather working knives in just one box.  Each blade is easily interchangeable by unlocking the blade using the provided allen key.  

The handle material is made from black linen micarta ( a popular handle material in the folding knife industry), sandblasted Alluminuim and a beautiful brass spacer.  

The blades are made from is Premium Böhler-Udderholm N690 steel and has a polished finish.  

We are only making a few of these, so they will only be available for a limited time.